Underwear is a basic necessity but they could sometimes be so expensive that we are only buying the bare minimum and if we forgot to do our laundry we run out of fresh and clean underwear to wear the next day. If this sounds like you, perhaps it is time that you buy more underwear, to avoid any emergencies and you find yourself going commando. Don’t panic though and think that you would soon need to break your piggy bank because like other pieces of clothing, underwear also goes on sale.

With that in mind, the below list enumerates the reasons why you should wait for sale season before buying underwear.

Significantly Cheaper

One of the obvious reasons why you should buy underwear during sale season is that they could be significantly cheaper. Of course, don’t expect to buy the latest style and design or that it would be easy for you to buy for your size, especially if you would go shopping on the third and or last day of the sale. But if you would plan ahead and save the date of the first day of the sale, you’d end up with a considerable haul of new underwear.

To Be Able to Buy in Bulk

Since the scenario of you running out of underwear is very likely especially if you only do your laundry when you feel like it, wait for the sale season to buy your underwear in bulk. You get more for less money and you would never find yourself without any clean undies again, even if laundry day is only once a week. You also would not need to decide anymore whether you would only buy that cute undie in pink or yellow because since it’s on sale, you could buy both!

Gift Shopping

If you have people in your life who would appreciate you gifting them with necessities such as underwear and not be embarrassed about it, why not do your gift shopping during the sale season? If you buy mens underwear sale for your boyfriend and or husband, you can get discounts too. It’s about time that they also upgrade their underwear choice! Just make sure that you know their size and preference to make sure that they would appreciate the gift and you get to see them wear it.

Build Your Undies “Ensembles”

We all have our favourite underwear but there are unfortunate accidents during our monthly period that we need to say bye to favourite underwear. To overcome this, it’s time for you to build your undies ensembles. Look at your drawer of underwear and make your old undies as your period panties.

When you buy new underwear, don’t wear them when you have your period so as not to spoil them. Buy boy shorts, thongs, seamless, hipsters, G-strings even if you don’t usually wear them since there are clothes that would only look good when you are wearing the right type of underwear. Same with brassieres.

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