Beautification of personality has been one of the main attributes of Indian culture. The combination of the Indian people – especially women – and jewellery has been a beautiful sight to see for many generations.

Indian jewellery holds a unique combination of incredible craftsmanship and ancient arts coming together to form total perfection.

Apart from the regular jewellery worn by women and men in India, there are other types of jewellery meant for special occasions like dances, rituals, festivals and weddings.

In this article, we are going to be taking a look at some of the unique types of Indian jewellery out there today.

  1. Jadau Jewellery

The Jadau is a piece of Indian jewellery which has its roots in the people of Mughal. It is made from crystals and precious stones carefully rooted into gold ornaments by some of the best craftsmen. This Indian jewellery requires the right skill set because the design requires melting, designing, filling, enamelling, and engraving. Once completed, a Jadau jewellery piece is a sight to behold.

  1. Kundan Jewellery

Kudan or Kudankari Jewellery is a complicated piece of Indian jewellery made by making holes in precious metal and afterwards, engraving stones and gems by correctly setting them in holes. This jewellery is stuffed with lac rather than precious metals. The Kundan which is prevalent in Gujarat and Rajasthan and is known as a “masterpiece for royals” and it has many different stones like rock crystals, topaz, emerald, and garnet.

  1. Lac Jewellery

This is another popular Indian jewellery with origin from Rajasthan. It is made of many bright colours with designs and styles that shine due to the glasswork which is done on them. For many of the women in India, wearing Lac is a respected part of their dressing and one that also gives good fortune. The process of making this jewellery requires the heating of heating and stuffing and kneading a dough-like substance to strengthen and give it a solid outlook. It might look easy nut it requires a lot of accuracy and precision.

  1. Meenakari Jewellery

Meenakari is another fascinating Indian jewellery, but we could say that it is like the reverse version of the Kundan. By this, we mean that the ornament can be used from the side. This jewellery involves the pouring of colours on engraved grooves and designs. It is made with colours that highlight the design so much, and again this is a work of perfection.

  1. Navratan Jewellery

According to the name, the Navratan is a piece of symbolic jewellery which requires the inclusion of nine different types of on just one ornament. The nine pieces of jewellery used for this are Ruby, Garnet, Coral, Topaz, Emerald, Pearl, Sapphire and Diamond. They are used in making earrings and necklaces and are believed to have celestial connections.

  1. Pachchikam jewellery

This is simple jewellery with a rugged and simple outlook. It is also fragile and is made of silver which makes it affordable. Originating from areas like Gujarat and Rajasthan, this is one of the most conservative jewellery designs. Because of this, it is passed on from one generation of artists to the other, which makes the processing known tot only a few artisans in remote locations.

This is why compared to other popular jewellery designs like Kudan; it is not as popular. However, the simplistic outlook makes it one of the most used jewellery, particularly for everyday activities and low-key celebrations.

  1. Filigiri jewellery

The beauty of the filigiri jewellery is a combination of tiny important details alongside excellent craftsmanship. Many Indian women with excellent taste love the filigiri design, especially those from Odisha. The delicate design of this jewellery is carefully crafted by the bending of thin wires that are beaten into tiny outlooks. This filigiri style is not only used in making jewellery but also in many other stylish and attractive commodities like hairpins, vases, spoons, and showpieces.

  1. Tribal jewellery

This is jewellery specially made for the people of India and coveted by many other parts of the world, including Europe. At the point of initial production, it was made from stones, seashells, bones, clay and elephant teeth. With an outlook that portrays deep culture a stylish essence to match, this jewellery has been coveted and made to look more stylish with other materials that portray the same culture but with a better outlook altogether.

This is so because this jewellery gives people an ethnic look with a lot of beautiful ornaments to match. One of the biggest characteristics of this jewellery is the down to earth outlook, and with a better outlook due to industrial production, you have brought natures best over to you.

India is a place of deep culture, and looking at the numerous amounts of jewellery they have, these are some of the best and most special jewellery collections they have amongst others. This is what differentiates them from the world; what makes them stand out.

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