With the latest fashion trend leaning towards athleisure and sportswear, hoodies have become one of the staples in every fashionable woman’s closet. Aside from keeping you warm and comfortable during cold days, they can also make your outfit look more stylish when worn the right way. Wear your hoodie in a more stylish way with these fashion tips.

Shorts and Hoodies

Who said you can’t wear your favourite hoodie with a short? This combo is definitely stylish a perfect outfit if you’re just up for a casual look. To create the best look, keep your shorts’ length above the knee and avoid baggy styles. It’s easier to match neutral coloured shorts and hoodies, perfect to begin with if you’re still trying out this look. Pick appropriate footwear that matches the overall look of your outfit. The most popular choices are sneakers, trainers and mid-heel pumps. Check this out for stylish and best cheap womens hoodies Australia.

Hoodies and Jackets

Hoodies look perfectly cool when worn together with the right jacket. This combo is perfect if you need to wear layers, especially during colder months. For a casual look, wear a denim jacket over your hoodie. Denim goes along well with anything so you can definitely wear a hoodie with any colour or pattern. For a classy or sophisticated look, layer your hoodie with a black leather jacket. The resulting look is somewhat chic yet classy at the same time. Just like with denim jackets, feel free to be creative in matching designs and colours.

Skirts and Hoodies

If you’re looking for a fresh new way to wear your favourite hoodie, try wearing it with a skirt. Any type of skirt paired with a neutral coloured baggy hoodie definitely looks creative. Whether you choose to pair it with a pencil cut skirt, a flared mini skirt or any style, the result is perfectly unique and stylish.

Pants and Hoodies

Hoodies and pants combo are one of the easiest and basic ways to wear a hoodie but that doesn’t mean they can’t be stylish. A hoodie worn with jeans creates a casual, relaxed yet chic look. Slim fitted hoodies look great with this style but it’s best to be creative and experiment. Upgrade you look by adding a statement necklace or any accessory that fits your outfit. If you’re aiming for a sporty or athleisure look, wear your favourite hoodie with neutral coloured sweatpants. Make sure to wear footwear that suits your outfit best such as sneakers or trainers. If you want to level up your outfit into something more unique, try wearing heeled footwear with it and make a statement.

Dress and Hoodie

Hoodies can definitely be worn over a pretty dress to keep you warm and comfortable. For a dressy or more formal look, a slim fit dress worn with a neutral coloured hoodie is a perfect choice. For a modern look, feel free to experiment with different colours, fit and lengths.

Don’t be left out when it comes to fashion and style. Grab this cool wardrobe must-have and wear it with style with these fashionable ideas.