Cocktail parties may be organized by anyone and might hold a dress code that is less dressy than black tie but dressier than dressy casual. Most people tend to fail in hitting the right spot of a perfect cocktail party attire, which is the reason this article is compiled for. Having an idea on the best version of tips involved with your cocktail attire will leave you looking absolutely stunning and noticeable at the event. Read below for more without further ado;


Keep Away From Long Gowns

In reference to the above, this type of party is in between black tie and dressy casual which is why it is important to avoid long gowns with trails as it might make you overdressed for the event, yet noticeable because the other guests would wonder what you assumed of the dress code. Cocktail parties are best when chosen to wear a midi dress. This would ensure you seem dressy enough for the enough, pushing you over the ledge of being dressy casual as well.


Consider Sleek Pants

Although jeans might be your go-to for most occasions, cocktails parties cannot make do with a pair of jeans. Instead, choose a sleek pair of pants from Anthea Crawford for a cocktail party maybe organized by your workplace. This would guarantee you to look important and elegant at the same time. A lovely pair of pants can be paired with a silk blouse or a top that complements the look with some classy heels as well.

Pay Attention to the Visible Undergarments

It is inappropriate to wear anything too revealing at a cocktail party when then applies to the visibility of your undergarments as well. Always choose to pick strapless undergarments or consider the use of stickers as well. If this party is organized by the organization you work for, it would require extra attention to aspects of this sort.

Keep Away From Flip Flops and Sneakers

Everyone agrees to how very supportive sneakers and flip flops can be, most of the time, but at a cocktail party, it could earn you bad reputation and a high chance to be ridiculed which might not be such a good idea.

Do Not Pack Yourself with Makeup

You are given all the freedom to work your makeup in any way you wish to but adding too much makeup to your cocktail attire can be a major hit to the statement you create. Wearing this kind of makeup for a bachelorette party or a girl’s night out would be completely fine, but make sure to keep things subtle for a party of this kind.

All the tips are above are formulated in such way to differentiate the major dress codes from the cocktail party dress code as it requires a different sense of fashion. By reading through the above, you too will have more clarity and understanding on how you should be dressed for an oncoming cocktail party. I hope this articles assists you in your dressing, Good Luck!