Having your own style and in turn your very own look book of clothes and different outfits you try on can be a really cool thing to do. This way you can sort of keep track of all your favourite put fits and different fashion trends that you have tried on. If you happen to be in the modelling industry then having a look book will really come in handy. Creating one is relatively easy; you don’t even have to have a physical one anymore, you could just have it online or even the simplest possible ay is your phone.


Create a new album and just update it with different choices of outfits that you put together. Another super advantage of this is that you can refer back if you want to pick out and outfit for an event but can’t really seem to wrap your head around what would look best, simply browse through your collection of all the outfits you have put together and choose one, simple as that.

Trust me, in some instances when you are properly out of time and can’t decide what to wear at all, this will really come in handy. A look book is also in a way a reflection of how your sense of fashion and style has evolved through the years, you will start to appreciate some of your chosen styles and not be super proud about some others, in a way you could learn and improve from your previous fashion mistakes. Here are some new and fun ideas of outfits you can add to your look book and have it updated to match contemporary styles:

The Newest Trend: The Teddy Bear Coats

The latest fashion trend for winter attire has been the teddy bear coats. These puffy coats are super-duper comfortable and make you look like none other than a teddy bear itself. Among those you can also try out merino wool clothing and purchase simple sweatshirts that are made of wool as here are quite trendy at the moment.

Having wool clothing guarantees that you’ll remain warm and cosy; they’re also super thick which means you don’t have to worry about wearing thick layers underneath; this becomes extremely useful when traveling because layering on and having to take off layers as you get warm can be quite annoying and messy but if you just wear a single layer of clothes with your wool sweatshirt then you wouldn’t feel the need to start trimming of layers because you won’t be over dressed and too warn.

Super Cute Hats!

Winter hats have soon become a thing no that every single person owns at least one. This are super handy when you want to keep your head and ears protected for chilly winds that blow our way in winter. I would say that this is definitely one of those pieces you should add to your look book; these are super easy to style and will leave you look chic and trendy.