Breakups are ordinary in any relationship. However, some breakups can be pretty brutal and painful, particularly if the relationship itself was toxic. If someone you know has been through this kind of ordeal, and you don’t know how to help her, then the below tips will benefit you both…

Help Her Seek Professional Help for Her Mental Health If Required

If she has been through a particularly painful breakup, or just ended an abusive relationship, then chances are that they might need all the mental support they can get. However, it might be possible that your help alone is not enough to keep them afloat, particularly if they’re feeling suicidal. At a moment like this, encourage them and steer them towards professional help; it might even save their life.


Assist Her in Getting a New Look

More often than not, our relationships and our partners tend to influence our looks. While this might not always be a bad thing, in an abusive relationship, they might have been forced to wear certain clothes or have their appearance a certain way. Once they’re ready for it, help them get a new look…this time, the way they want it.

Take Measures to Build Her Confidence Once More

A bad breakup can dent anyone’s self-confidence, particularly if they’ve been in that relationship for a long period of time. Helping them build back their confidence will not only help them get over their breakup, but also help them get on their feet. Try to eliminate all things that have a negative effect on their confidence. For example, if they feel they look older than their age, consider opting for skin tightening Sutherland Shire. Don’t forget that the above tip of getting a new look might help a great deal here as well.

Avoid Talking About the Ex…Even To Bash Him

Once a breakup takes place, friends of those involved generally tend to speak ill of the ex…just to sound supportive. While this might feel supportive, what you’ll really be doing is reminding them again and again of their ex. Instead, consider avoiding talking about the ex all together; unless the topic was approached by her. Even so, avoid letting them talk too much about them or be preoccupied by their memories.

Introduce Her to New Friends

If her group of friends mainly include friends of the ex, then it’s more than obvious she’s not going to feel overly comfortable hanging out with them after the breakup. While it’s true that she need not stay away from all her friends, this might actually be easier for now. Consider introducing her to a new bunch of people to hang out with. Make sure she’s not looking for a rebound relationship though, as this will lead to a huge mess all around.

Be There For Her and Help Her Get Through the Ordinary

Above all, be there for her. Be her 3 am friend when she can’t sleep, the person who brings her ice cream when she runs out of it. Help her face her everyday responsibilities and tasks; be it that it’s attending classes, or keeping her home habitable. These ordinary tasks is what will eventually ground her, so making sure she sees to it will help her heal faster…