Choosing the perfect wedding dress could turn any chill bride into a bridezilla especially if the selection process is taking too much of their time (not all brides to be are a fan of shopping). Some bride to be are also more interested in other aspects of their wedding and would want to just find the dress that fits them perfectly. If you are one of those brides, then you’d be happy to know the pros (and cons) of shopping online for your wedding dress.


The dresses are significantly more affordable

One of the reasons why people shop online is because the items are more affordably priced. The reason for this perhaps is that the store is not paying for any rent or mortgage for a physical store. When you buy your dress online, you might only be paying for the materials and the labour for the dress.

Perhaps the salary for few key stakeholders and a little utility bill and internet fee connection. If you compare that to the expenditures and expenses of having a physical store, there are more daily operating costs that needs to be factored in and would be added to the price of the products.

Shopping is more convenient

Another reason why more and more brides are shopping for their wedding dresses online is that it is more convenient. They could do it at the comforts of their own home or during their lunch break at work. This is also what busy brides to be are doing especially when they don’t have any time to visit a bridal boutique to look for dresses in person.

You could purchase from stores overseas

If you could not find any dress that you prefer locally, shopping online could also give you the opportunity to shop from stores overseas. The dresses might even be more reasonably priced since the materials used are locally sourced. The only extra that you would be paying is the shipping fee.


You would not be able to fit it before buying

Shopping online for clothes could be a hit and miss especially if you don’t know your size. This might be a pitfall if you plan to buy your dress online. You’ll only be able to truly tell if it fits you after you have paid for it. You don’t have to worry though if it doesn’t or the wedding dress is not how it is shown in the photos or it simply doesn’t suit your taste because you could have it exchanged for another dress that you prefer.

It takes time

Compared to going to a bridal boutique to buy a wedding dress where you could bring the dress home as soon as you paid for it (provided there is no need for any alteration or you are buying custom made), you have to wait for delivery. Consider this when you buy online to avoid panicking and stress that you still do not have the dress come wedding day.

Shopping online for your wedding dress has its pros and cons. Weigh them thoroughly to see whether this is the option for you.