One of the reasons why people are turned off by shopping for clothes online is that they don’t know their measurements and there is no way for them to try the clothes first if it fits before purchasing. This is a downside to otherwise a very convenient and easy way to shop for clothes without leaving the comforts of your own home. If you need to buy a suit but you prefer to do it online, you could measure yourself to make sure you are buying one that fits.

The first thing you have to do is to get an accurate measuring tape, a pencil, and a paper to make sure you don’t forget your measurements. If you have someone who could help you that would be great but if not, a full-length size mirror would do the trick.

Measure Chest Size

Raise your arms and wrap the measuring tape across your chest. You have to be relaxed when doing this because if you hold your breath, your chest shrinks and the measurement would not be accurate. You could end up with a tight suit jacket. However, you would not want it to be loose as well so you have to make sure that the measuring tape is snug against your body. Even if you are purchasing made to measure suits online, getting the perfect fit is higher when you have accurate measurements.

Measure Waist

As opposed to measuring your chest where the measuring tape needs to be snug when measuring your waist, you have to remember to keep the tape loose by measuring with two fingers between the tape and your waist. This is necessary to give breathing room as to when you need to move or sit down.

Measure The Sleeve Length

If you already have a suit jacket that fits you perfectly, put it on and use it as your guide. Place the measuring tape in your shoulder where the sleeve joins the jacket and measure it to your desired length. Usually the sleeves are until the break in your wrist. With this length, half an inch your shirt’s cuff is visible.

Measure The Back

Of course, you also need to measure the back width to determine how broad the suit would be. It’s not enough to measure just the chest size. For this, again it would be easier with the help of a suit jacket. Put the measuring tape from one shoulder seam to the other shoulder seams and that is the back-width measurement.

Measure The Inseams

With the inseams, you have to wear a pants that fit you perfectly. Stand with your legs a foot apart and place the measuring tape from your crotch to the bottom of the shoe that you are planning to wear with the suit. With this, you would be sure that the length of the pants would not be too short or too long.

Now that you have your measurements, you could now buy a suit with little margin for error when it comes to sizing. Keep these numbers the next time you need to buy a new suit, as long as there are no significant changes to your body.