All the indicators in the 21st century point more towards online shopping. You get the sales, you get so many variants to pick from, with development of cyber security transactions are secure, logistics is upper fast and so much more.

With the pandemic looming over the entire world this makes even more sense now.

Just as of February last year 80.8% of Australians shop online and the numbers are growing. Following are a few tips to get the best out of your online shopping experience.

Tip 1: Know What You’re Looking For

Your worst enemy is just ‘browsing’ without knowing what exactly you are looking for. Windows shopping doesn’t work online due to sales and bargains. Make a shopping list. If you are looking for kids clothes online Australia there areso many websites you can visit. But stick to what you are looking for.

Tip 2: Compare and Compares

Once you have looked at what you want there are some websites where you can compare or even some browser plugins that lets you look at the same product across different websites. Even if you can’t find any such tools just a simple google search with the product name will get you some results.

Tips 3:  Discounts

Always look out for discounts because who doesn’t like them? There are different types of discounts such as cashback, coupon codes etc.

Sometimes even though the website might not have any ongoing discounts your bank or credit card might have discounts or cashback offers. So always check both the bank and shopping portal.

All these are good, but you have to always check the fine print – the terms and conditions.

  • Look for discounts that are given at checkout which reduce the price
  • If it’s cashback, inquire how long it will take to get credited into your account. Also check whether the cash will be sent back to your card account or to the wallet which means you have to buy something from that website again.

Tip 4: Credit Card Instalments

Typically, most credit cards offer buy now pay later or breaks up the entire bill into monthly instalments. This is a good way to shop because it doesn’t involve you paying a lump sum.

However, do check if there is any interest involved.

Tip 5: Subscribe for Price Drops

Some websites let you subscribe for alerts that let you know when the price for the item you were looking at drops.

This isn’t always guaranteed, and it also requires patience which is quite hard with online shopping because it’s as simple as pick, add to cart and check out.

Tip 6: Free Shipping

I don’t think there is anyone out there who wouldn’t like some free shipping. Why spend on shipping when you can buy something with that money right?

Look out for free shipping but also check the estimated delivery date. If you are in a hurry you might have to opt for express shipping which is can be pricey.

Hope you find these tips quite useful and you will use them on our next e-shopping journey.