Just think you were invited to a reception, gathering, or business event, or you were invited to a business event, party or a wedding party. Here are some helpful guidelines to be aware of what to wear when your dress code is.

White Tie Events

Most formal dress codes, usually reserved for occasions such as state dinners and the Academy Awards. Women: Wear an elegant, full-length evening gown. Set out in the most glamorous shoes and jewels. Men: wear a tuxedo, a long black tail jacket, a white-collar top, a white belt, a white bow tie, and black patent leather shoes. White gloves or grey gloves are acceptable.

Black Tie Events

This type of events is not that dressy when comparing to white tie, but it is quite formal. These events are normally organized as evening events. Women can wear dinner dresses that are lengthy up to the floor or a dress long up to the knee with high heels or a dress that is black. Men can wear tuxedo, bow tie which is black, a cummerbund that is black, a vest with leather shoes that is black. A white dinner jacket with black tuxedo trousers, along with the rest of the black-tie ensemble, will be suitable even in summer. Specially when you are cruising.

Creative Black-Tie Events

Formal, with a modern twist. Women miss a conservative dress in favour of a more fun but still formal outfit. You can also wear a formal coat long up to the knee, a satin skirt pairing it to a sweater of cashmere or even a blouse. Accessories are supposed to be fun and unique. Men: wear a tuxedo combined with fashionable or whimsical items, such as a black shirt or a coloured or styled bow tie with a colour coordinated cummerbund.

Formal / Black Tie Events

A bit less formal than a black tie. Women can wear dresses that are lengthy up to the floor, or a cocktail dress long up to the knee, or a short dress which is black pairing with heels. Men can wear a suit with a dark colour with a tie and also leather shoes.

Semi-Formal Events

Somewhere in between casual and formal, obviously it depends on the beginning of the announcement. Women can wear a cocktail dress long up to the knee, or a short dress which is black. Men can wear suits with ties in a dark or light hue, according to the season and time of day, or formal trousers with a shirt collared and jacket. Add some formal leather shoes.

Cocktail Attire Events

Fun and festive, but not formal. Women wear a knee-length unique cocktail dresses or pants or a skirt with a pleasant blouse. Men Wear coats and pants, with or without ties. Colours or shapes may be a bit bolder than semi-formal ones.

Business Casual Attire

Casual, but appropriate to work. Women wear a trousers outfit, a casual outfit, or a skirt with a comfortable blouse. Keep away from spaghetti straps or drooping necklines. Men can wear a dress pant pairing with collared shirts and of course, loafers.

For our favourite, casual, everything goes, but stay away from jeans, shorts, and tank tops for larger events (including occasional weddings). Women wear hat, skirt or trousers with a comfortable jacket. Men wear khakis with a button down, a sweater, or a polo shirt.