Women are truly great, they have always been giving from the time they have been born. In a lot of Asian countries a lot of importance has been given to the education of men compared to women, so there are a lot of sisters out there who have given up their school life just so her brother could study for longer. When we marry, we give up our careers to raise a family. Since we have so much to give, it is time that we make this world a better place. If you are a woman who feels the same drive then keep reading.

Bring Change From Your Home

As women, we have got the privilege to raise the men of tomorrow. So if you are a mother of a little boy then teach him to respect girls and don’t differentiate between your son and daughter, because if you differentiate then you are teaching them that men are better than women which is wrong. Both of them should be sent to the same school, there should not be given any preference to any one gender.

Also for the longest women have been handling households, so it is time we change that. Teach your son to be independent and do the most basic skills such as cook, clean and wash his own clothes so he doesn’t need a woman to look after him all his life. Similarly, teach your daughters the art of self defence from young and make them learn the difference between good touch and bad touch, this way they will be able to protect themselves from things like child sexual abuse. You should also train your husband to do his chores so he doesn’t need you around to make simple things like tea.

Start Making Money

As mentioned above us women give up on our careers and independence to raise a family. So once your kids are of a certain age, when they don’t always need you it is time that you go back and start making your own money. This is important because it makes you a lot more confident and you no longer have to rely on someone else to buy things that you like.

If you don’t want to get back to your old 9-5 corporate life then you could do something different. Take up a beauty course such as eyelash extensions courses Brisbane if that is your interest. This is a simple three day course which is pretty affordable but once you learn this art you can make money at home, just simply make up a little space which could be the beauty room for your clients.

Lastly, be the woman that lifts other women up. It is the time that we actually start supporting women businesses and careers only then we could bring it to another level. For example if you open up a successful business then do give the opportunity to young ladies who want to do something in their lives, always encourage them instead of putting them down using harsh words.