As parents who are approaching their baby’s first winter, you want to ensure that your baby is toasty warm despite the negative temperature outside. Your preparation also depends on the area in which you live as some places are colder compared to others. As new parents you may be a bit lost as to what you really need during this season.

Here are some essentials you don’t want to miss out on:


You need to make sure your baby is warm from head to toe to prevent them from getting sick. Make sure you stuck their wardrobe with plenty of socks so you can change them from time to time. Woollen socks or socks made up of thicker materials are a better choice as they are ideal to combat the cold winter.

Sleep sack

If your baby is in the process of transitioning out of a swaddle, then purchasing some wearable blankets is the best way to keep your baby warm. Look for a sleep sack that would keep your baby comfortable without overheating them.


Hats, like socks seem to go missing quite easily so buy a few in case you end up losing one of them. Go for Toshi hats and beanies to keep their ears warm. Keep an extra pair in the diaper bag as well if you are planning on taking your baby outside in the cold weather.


This is another essential you only need to worry about if you are planning on taking your baby outside. Keeping their hands and legs warm can help regulate their overall body temperature. However, if your baby is not directly in contact with the cold weather then mittens aren’t a necessity.

Coconut oil or moisturizers

During the winter, due to the lack of humidity your baby’s skin can easily dry up. Use warm water to wash your baby and once you dry them up apply coconut oil or moisturizer to prevent their skin from drying out. Try to purchase a moisturizer which has a smaller number of chemicals to prevent their skin from getting red and itchy.


The winter air is dry and is likely to cause colds, coughs and sore throats. To keep your baby safe from these illnesses, purchase a humidifier and use it when your baby is asleep. With the help of the humidifier, the air they breathe in will end up more humid and keep them comfortable.

Footed pyjamas

Footed pyjamas are a good choice especially during winter as it easier to keep your baby’s toes warm. It works better than a pair of socks as your baby may kick them away during the night.

Leg and arm warmers

Layering is a great way to keep your baby warm however it can be a hassle especially during diaper changes. Leg and arm warmers are so much easier than layering clothing as they do not need to be size specific and can be easily pulled on and off.

Besides the usual winter clothes, these extra items are essential to help your baby get through winter comfortably. Once you do purchase them, make sure to check them off your list.