Have you ever come across a situation where you were invited for a certain party/function but could not figure out the right dress code? Or have you ever encountered a situation where the invitation stated the dress code but you aren’t sure if your outfit exactly fits the criteria? Then this guide is sure to help you out.

Here are the common dress codes and what type of clothing fall under them:


The casual/informal dress code is the one dress code where you can choose what to wear. It basically allows you to wear something that keeps you relaxed and comfortable. You can wear your t-shirts, sneakers and denims as well. If you feel like it, you can add on your womens bomber jacket as well. This dress code does not require additional accessories and glam. However, don’t mistaken it as an invitation to hang out with your friends in pyjamas and gym wear.

Dressy casual

One step up from the casual dress code, this chic look allows you to show off your style. You can pair up a cute skirt and blouse or wear your flared jeans with those comfy heels. Add on some accessories as well such as scarves, hats and sunglasses to give your outfit that required edge.

Smart casual

Probably one of the more difficult dress codes to decipher, the smart casual look sits a notch above the dressy casual and a notch below the business casual attired. Jeans are a definite no for this dress code. If you are confused as to what to wear, it is best to stick to a classy and elegant dress that can be paired up with heels or dressy pumps.

Business casual

This is the standard dress code for most offices. Business casual outfits are usually those that are appropriate enough to be worn for work but aren’t too formal. Cropped trousers, a dressy blouse and your favourite pair of heels are ideal for this dress code. You can add on some light jewellery to compliment your look.

Business formal

This dress code is a secret message to wear your best dressed up office wear. Business formal dress codes are usually allotted for semi-formal events such as business meetings and conferences. A tailored dress or a pantsuit are good options for this dress code. Keep the colours neutral to maintain the air of seriousness.


Another tricky dress code to navigate, the best option for semi-formal dress wear is a cute black dress. It is best to keep the dress at or slight above knee level. Make sure your outfit is classy and chic at the same time with its own unique twist of elegance.


Most often seen on invitations during the holiday season, the festive dress wear is code for cocktail attire that is suitable for festive events. Keep your outfit chic and stick to colours associated with the holidays. Do not be afraid to add in some necessary bling as well.

The dress code you choose depends on the occasion, venue and time of day. With the right outfit for the right occasion and the added tips in this article, you are bound to be turning heads at any event you attend.